Can Service Request Management boldly go where no one has gone before?

Robert and Miroslav are co-authors of ITIL4 Service request management practice. They will present a brief history of SRM and their view of where it is going in the future. It will include real stories and practical demonstration of the possibilities.

Date and time: 3.6.2021, 16:30 – 17:30 CET
Place: online webinar

Robert Edward Pinnington – Founder of PDCA Consulting, ITIL 4 Author of ITIL 4 Practices
Miroslav Hlohovský – CEO, Head of Digital at OMNICOM, ITIL 4 Author of ITIL 4 Practices


Service request management (SRM) practice

  • 20 years of Evolution of SRM
  • ITIL4 guiding principles applied to SRM 
  • Service value system and SRM
  • Reactive SRM
  • Concept of proactive SRM

Service request management tool features

  • Design the service request form
  • Design the service request workflow
  • ESM principles
  • Service Request Catalogue vs. Service Catalogue
  • Automation of SR

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