itSMF Czech republic: From idea to realization: when time to market matters

Any great idea stays great only when it is possible to realize it in an acceptable time to start harvesting its business value. Then it brings a desired effect and justifies spent investments in decision makers eyes. Thus, speed in which ideas and demands can be transformed into manageable chunks of work and then implemented, tested, and deployed is crucial.

Dátum a čas: 09.12.2021 17:00 – 18:00
Miesto: online, prostredníctvom aplikácie ZOOM

Jan Procházka: We will discuss together several areas affecting time to market to explore what is helping to speed up the idea to realization and what is oppositely putting the biggest roadblocks. We will touch the following topics and mutually share real-life experience in the given areas:

  • ITIL 4 and finding a balance between structure and agility
  • Effective innovation, idea, and demand managements
  • IT Business Management and Agile Development
  • Citizen development

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