Sii Webinar: Why Engineering is the future of Performance Testing

We invite you to webinar, where Sii and Tricentis will show you the benefits of Performance Engineering! Thanks to engineering, we are able not only to test the performance of the system, but also to precisely measure, calculate and predict the performance of our systems. And thanks to the full automation of the test process, you will gain much more time to increase coverage and optimize tests.

Date and time: 22.3.2023, 15:00 – 17:00

During our webinar you’ll will learn:

  • What can you gain from next-generation benchmarking
  • Benefits of implementing performance engineering in your organization
  • Our customer’s success story


  • 15:00 Next-generation performance tests – difference between regular performance tests and performance engineering
  • 15:20 Performance engineering – moving forward with NeoLoad
  • 15:35 Observability as a part of performance engineering 
  • 15:45 How does it work? Case studies session
  • 15:55 Q&A session