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Workshop: Grow your own organic high-velocity IT operating model

24 februára , 17:00 18:30


Explore and apply ITIL® 4 High-velocity IT principles and practices to respond better to the higher demands that digitally-enabled organisations place on IT service management.  

Date and time: 24.2.2022, 17:00 – 18:30
Language: english
Available for: itSMF members only

Guided by the lead editor ITIL® 4 High-velocity IT and supported by your peers, you will identify key elements for your high-velocity IT operating model – in other words, your way of thinking and working. In this interactive 90-minute workshop, you will make a high-level first draft of an operating model that you can discuss and develop with your co-workers when you get back to work.  

Key questions 

  • How do we successfully differ from our competitors? 
  • How can digital products and services support the strategy? 
  • What is needed to provide these products and services? 
  • How can this operating model be achieved? 


  • A ‘toolkit’ including a framework for a high-velocity IT operating model 
  • Overview of ITIL® 4 High-velocity IT 
  • Insights from peers and satisfaction of having shared your own insights 
  • Identification of your highest priorities and how they relate to your strategy 
  • Some key elements for your specific operating model 
  • Opinions about transforming your current operating model 
  • References to publications and presentations for further study 
  • New people to enhance your network and the opportunity to form a post-workshop support group to encourage progress (if desired) 

This is the first try out of the workshop so there will be plenty of improvisation and lessons learned, and hopefully lots of fun in process. It would be good if a few of the participants could take on the role of observer and make notes to share afterwards.