itSMF Czech Republic: Webinar Ecosystem Architecture – New Thinking for Practitioners in the Age of AI

The presentation will provide you with an explanation of the thesis that the enterprise ecosystem is a summary of an extended network of businesses (or individuals) that exchange products or services in an environment governed by the laws of supply and demand and where each business contributes a certain form of specialization. 

Dátum a čas: 03.04.2024 17:30 – 18:30
Miesto: Online pre itSMF Slovensko, možnosť zúčastniť sa onsite v Pumpedu s.r.o., Na Strži 1702/65, 140 00 Praha 4, Nusle

This becomes a scalable element and provides an underlying repeatable pattern that is common to both Enterprise and Ecosystem architectures, potentionally spanning multiple geographies and industries, including public and private institutions and consumers. 

In short, team spirit wins. This leads to mutuality in the formal or informal sharing of ideas, standards, values, and goals, and synchronization, in that enterprises formally or informally engage in coordinated communication and the sharing of resources. 

Key topics discussed in his presentation: 

  • How to get from an enterprise to an ecosystem – an ecosystem focused not only on profit, but on the general benefit of various social groups 
  • The Recursive Nature of Enterprise Ecosystems Scaling 
  • Pseudo Ecosystems and the Restricted Use of Collaboration Tools 
  • Tooling From First Principles – Variants 
  • GenAI – What Does this Mean for Architectural Practice and Tooling? 
  • GenAI Patterns for Ecosystems Architecture – examples 
  • The Hypo-Enterprise Systems Lifecycle vs. The Hyper-Enterprise Systems Lifecycle 
  • VIE Framework vs. VIPER Framework – cons / pros 
  • An Ecosystem Cell – how it looks like? 
  • Principles of Vitality and Evolution 
  • Existing Ecosystems Thinking and Practice 

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